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Quan điểm cốt lõi:

Recently, the 17th China International Grain Expo ended successfully in Hefei. Nearly 2000 channel partners and customers from more than 20 countries around the world witnessed the grand release of “Green Meyer”.

Through the trip of Green Meyer, international guests deepened their understanding of this theme, recognizing that it was a solemn commitment and deep concern for the society, the industry, and the customers. It highlights Meyer's true heart to lead the green development and to create more values for the food processing industry.

Green Meyer Tour: 1. Grand Dinner

On the evening of October 16, Meyer themed dinner of "Charming Anhui & True Heart" brought together 2,000 industry elites around the world, and broadcast live overseas through the Facebook.

International guests experienced the artistic essence of Anhui closely and were awe-inspiring to the cultural heritage of China for five thousand years. They were also amazed at Meyer's brand appeal. They enjoyed the atmosphere and were proud of being a part of Meyer family.

At the dinner party, international guests were moved by the documentary of "True Heart for Each Grain of Rice". They were amazed by the Chinese ancestors' creative development of the value of rice food, and were enthusiastic about the contribution of the Chinese color sorter to the global food processing industry!

Then, the “Green Meyer” flag-raising ceremony opened the glorious moment of the dinner, and all of guests were passionately passing a huge banner of “Green Meyer, Green Future”. International guests were shocked by the scenes of vocalization, and then joined the red wave to exclaim and express blessings for the green Meyer.

They were touched by Meyer's true heart for products, industry, and customers. They couldn't help sharing their personal feelings.

“Meyer people are very friendly and professional. We are like a family. I'm honored to be a part of this big family. Because of Meyer, my daughter and I like Hefei very much. I hope we can live here one day.”

Slovakian customer to make a speech

“The quality of Meyer color sorters is stable. The models bought more than ten years ago are still running now and are very easy to use. Meyer has a good reputation to help customers save money.”

Burmese customer

"Meyer is a leading color sorter supplier in China and that's why we choose it. We hope Meyer keeps focusing on research, design and development of products to help us solve more problems."

Iranian customer

Green Meyer Tour: 2. High-tech Booth

On the morning of October 17, international guests went for the 17th China International Grain Expo. The huge welcome billboard at the entrance made them feel Meyer's omnipresent care, and then they made a bilingual confession.

Make a confession to Meyer

At Meyer booth, they were amazed by the cool and luxurious high-tech booth, and by the endless stream of customers, as well as by Meyer's latest technologies. They realized that customers onsite were eager to figure out details of the new products and Meyer staff patiently explained to them.

Rice sorting performance

Panorama quality analyzer of rice

Green Meyer Tour: 3. Step into Meyer

What kind of magic does Meyer have to keep leading in the industry? International guests then went to Meyer company.

They were aware of the company's development history from breaking the monopoly to becoming an international company. Also, they figured out the development strategy of focusing on the three major sectors. Moreover, they realized the in-depth layout about Green Meyer on design, production and management. Finally, they understood that the core competitiveness of Meyer comes from the spirit of enterprise - the pursuit of quality, customer service.

Give a like to Green Meyer

Visit Meyer Product Showroom

Visit Meyer Automated Painting Workshop

It is noted that an international study group composed of representatives from the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland food associations, also came to the Meyer company to explore its development path. "Under such difficult conditions in the 1990s, Meyer experienced a rapid growth to become an international color sorter supplier covering  over 100 countries. That is amazing! " a representative praised.

Give Green Meyer a like

Visit Meyer Showroom

Green Meyer Tour: 4. Themed Salon

International guests had a deeper understanding of its connotation at Green Meyer salon. The green design and green production deliver higher quality with less resources, contributing to protect environment. Meyer strives to lead the industry to achieve green development. 

Green Meyer will further deliver higher product quality from the aspects of function, performance, reliability and appearance. Also, it offers better services to customers in terms of price, delivery cycle, and cost.

Themed Salon: Green Meyer

Green Meyer Tour: 5. International Guests Exchange Dinner

On the evening of October 17, Meyer held the 17th China International Grain Expo International Guests Exchange Dinner. It not only brought together international channel partners, but also invited leaders of China Food Industry Association and the international group. In the happy atmosphere, everyone discussed the impact of Green Meyer on the future development of the industry.

Ren Zhi, vice president of China Food Industry Association, delivered a speech. He first affirmed the achievements of the grain machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in recent years and spoke highly of Meyer. He hoped that Meyer could go further in the future and serve more global customers on behalf of the Chinese color sorter brand.

Ren Zhi, vice president of China Food Industry Association

Conversation of international guests 

2019 China International Grain Expo is a concentrated display of the development results of “Green Meyer”, which attracts guests from the globe to witness. They come from different countries, but for the same reason: Green Meyer. In the future, the Chinese color sorter brands will surely shine in the global market, and “China-made” will be more powerful!

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